Whether you’re going to Luton, Gatwick or anywhere in between, the journey from St. Albans to surrounding airports can be a real ordeal when you take a train or bus — particularly if you have children.

Many parents make the mistake of thinking that a taxi transfer to the airport is excessive or unnecessary, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, taxis are usually the best way for travellers with children to get to their destination. Discover just three reasons why.

1. Taxis Can Actually Be Cheaper

One of the main reasons why many parents are hesitant to book an airport taxi is cost. Raising a child can be an investment, so families often like to keep their transportation costs on a strict budget. However, you may be surprised to learn that taxis can actually be less expensive than public transport.

While one train or bus ticket may be less expensive than a taxi, when you travelling as a family, those ticket fees add up. On top of that, just getting to the local train or coach station may require additional transport costs.

In comparison, booking one fixed-cost taxi for the whole family can often be lower-priced than purchasing several tickets — and your driver will pick you up straight from your door.

2. Taxi Journeys Are Designed With Safety in Mind

While trains and buses aren’t inherently unsafe, travelling to airports by public transport can present a lot of safety concerns for children.

You’ll need to make sure you hold your child’s hand, for example, to keep them away from the edge of the tracks or the road. On top of this, trains and buses don’t have child safety seats, which often means you’ll need to hold your child on your lap to keep them secure. When you have multiple bags of luggage in tow, these tasks can be even more difficult.

Reputable airport transfer taxis, on the other hand, keep safety in mind at all times. Since your driver will pick you up from your door, you have no need to worry about corralling your children through stations or streets. Your taxi service should also provide you with a booster seat for any children aged 12 or under, keeping them secure throughout the whole journey with no effort on your part.

3. Taxis Are More Convenient

Simply put, taxis are also simply more convenient than public transport when getting to the airport.

Hauling luggage and children by train or bus can be time-consuming, particularly if you need to change lines or routes along the journey. Public transport can also be subject to delays, which means you run the risk of missing your flight. Even if your journey seems smooth when you plan it, children can easily get bored or overstimulated on trains and buses, making the experience even more stressful.

You can leave all these stresses when you get a taxi to the airport. For one, you won’t have to worry about your luggage once it’s tucked away in the boot, and you won’t need to fuss with your children once they’re safely seated. On top of this, taxi drivers know routes and traffic well, so they’ll be able to take a different route if necessary.

Plus, taxis are a much calmer environment for excitable children than buses and taxis are. When each of your children is safe in their own seat, you’ll be able to hand them a gadget or toy to keep them occupied all the way to the airport.

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