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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

To assist and protect our passengers, our drivers and employees are actively monitoring the coronavirus situation and following the Public Health England advice mentioned.

We have taken for added assurance as a result of COVID-19 and the Lockdown’s ease on the 4th of July. We have put in place six new Measures.

1-Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are available to all drivers and customers.

2-Personal protective equipment (PPE)

PPE for all drivers under Government guidelines.

3-Sanitized Vehicles

Passenger areas are Wipe down daily and sprinkled the spray daily.

4-Contactless Payment System

Contactless payment pays on Card in all our Vehicles or uses our app.

5-Partition Vehicles

Partition vehicles system available on our “App” select position from Vehicles option.

6-Advance Sanitization

Advanced Sanitization of all our fleet using the latest technology available.

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