Did you know that we have a fantastic and innovative app designed to streamline your taxi booking experience and ensure that you have all the information you need for your next journey with Corker?!

How to download our app:

For both iOS and Android devices, please visit your App Store and search for ‘Corker’, and you will find our app along with our blue taxi-point finder logo. Please download our app to your chosen device.

Taxi app

Steps to take once you have downloaded our app:

If you haven’t got an account with Corker, please agree to our terms & conditions, and follow the instructions to sign up on our app.

Your device may alert you to allow Corker to use your phone’s location, please confirm this as this will help you book our taxis with ease, and you will be able to track your ride’s whereabouts.

If your device gives you the option, please also allow our app to send you notifications as these will tell you when your taxi has arrived, and any offers that we may have.

How to use and navigate our app:

Ordering a taxi

We have designed our app so that every generation can successfully book taxis with no hassle.

On our modern but easy-to-use app, you can either book to be picked up from your current location or from a chosen address.

Once we have this information, simply put in your destination and from here we will give you an estimated pick-up time and the set price for your journey. At Corker, we pride ourselves in having fixed prices so that our clients always know what to pay- with no nasty, unexpected surprises.

On our home page, you can add your home, work, and your favourite addresses to save time when booking future trips.

Don’t forget that we do airport transfers too!

Our Corker delivery service:

Did you know that we also have a delivery service available too?

Simply click on the basket icon on the home page, and from here you can select from a variety of services, including local pharmacies and groceries.

Place your order with any of our chosen partners and Corker will take care of the delivery.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and dedicated team who are here to help you.

So, where is Corker taking you?