Business Accounts Portal

Advanced booking portal to view your business journeys and manage users.

Online bookings for receptions and employees.

Quick app for your employees.

Your Managment Portal

Business managment portal to

Management Control

Account manager enables companies and families manage their accounts with the taxi companies by configuring the budget and setting up spending limits to give them
full control over their

Financial Control

You can easily generate reports to view and analyse all your finances, and control the usage of your budget for each one of your employee and restrict bookings for user and limit spending. Budgets can be easily transferred between departments

Reports and Alerts

You can easily generate reports
to view and analyze all the useful and important information regarding
the bookings made by the members and the
charges applied.

The App for your Employees

Easy to use Corker app that your staff can use!

staff Accounts

Let your staff members book their taxis with ease with our mobile app

Managed by You

Employees book journeys on your business account allowing you to fully manage there use and the budget

On the Desktop too..

Need it in receptions or help desks, there an online booker for them too!

Your staff can book and schedule account bookings for you to manage. Using their account limits which have been set for your business. Track your car and view all your bookings in once place. Full integrated with the Mobile App so everything is centralised and easy to manage.

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