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Our Drivers

hand picked

One of the best parts of our business are the fantastic drivers we hire. They are each trained and licensed by the local council, so they have the credentials and up to date training that shapes their skills. They are very knowledgeable on local traffic laws and policies, as well as the area in general. As our drivers are local and they navigate the area daily, they know the best and most efficient way to get you to your destination on time. We love our drivers because they always show up and exceed expectations of what a travel service should be.

safety as assured

We always ensure that you know who is picking you up, as we want you to feel comfortable that your driver is a vetted professional. Before you begin your ride, you can use our user friendly app to confirm information about your driver and the vehicle. Once you compare your driver’s picture on the app and confirm names, you can buckle in and feel comfortable knowing you are in good hands.

healthy drivers

You can also rest assured that your driver is staying healthy and following good sanitation practices. All of our drivers monitor their health conditions and would never get in a car with you if they felt symptomatic of even a common cold. While this will always be true, we know it is especially important today. As we keep our vehicles clean, you will feel like you are riding in a brand new car every time.

fully trained

Our drivers are first and foremost what keeps our customers so satisfied. They utilise the best training available to offer unmatched service. We know you’ll enjoy the experience whether you just want to rest in the back and get to your destination fast, or if you have questions along the way.

Our Driver Standards

Corker boasts a team of over 100 drivers who are experienced and trained to a high standard to ensure our customers receive the best possible customer service.

All Corker drivers are

  • DBS checked to an Enhanced Level.
  • Medical checked.
  • Fully uniformed.
  • In house knowledge examination of St. Albans.
  • Customer service training.
  • Local authority licensed.

Want to become a driver and earn with us?

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